Comtrade Gaming integrates iCore with Dafabet

Betting Business - iCore Dafabet Comtrade Gaming Integration
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Comtrade Gaming’s iCore – The Enterprise Gaming Platform has been successfully integrated with prominent Asian operator, Dafabet.


Comtrade Gaming, the leading technology supplier to the gaming industry, has confirmed its iCore – The Enterprise Gaming Platform has been successfully integrated with Dafabet’s complete back-end solution.

Dafabet – Asia’s number one online betting and gaming site – will now receive expanded player engaBetting Business - iCore Dafabet Comtrade Gaminggement and additional new features that continue its distinguished player experience following the integration.

The iCore platform was incorporated to Dafabet’s platform in a multi-phase approach with no downtime deployments and Dimi Karatzas, Online Betting & Gaming Director at AsianLogic, explained: “Migrating the entire back-end platform as a live operator involves massive risks if not done correctly. Comtrade Gaming seamlessly managed the process for us and the transition created an instant, positive effect on our business. The new platform will helps us grow and meet business demands as the market becomes more competitive.”

Comtrade’s modernised infrastructure replaces Dafabet’s legacy system to enhance their competitive advantage through superior player management features. From a single back office tool, iCore’s platform capabilities include scalability for the highest player volumes, casino and betting product diversification, and is capable of thousands of bets per second, automating real-time bonusing features and collecting player data to intelligently respond to individual consumer profiles.

“We made a promise to Dafabet to replace their back-end and immediately improve their business without any short term negative impacts during integration, and once again we delivered on our promises,” explains Steven Valentine, Director of Interactive. “Our vast experience and flexible approach with individual client needs makes us the first choice for operators looking to improve their platform technology.”

iCore – The Enterprise Gaming Platform manages multi-channel customer relationships, analyses online activity and improves operational strategies to unlock business value. Through a high degree of customisation, iCore targets players to sharpen industry practices and optimises the digital gaming experience.

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