Suertia sees significant backing from Zitro

Betting Business - Zitro Interactive Suertia
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The online operator Suertia will now feature up to 14 of Zitro Interactive’s video bingo titles following an expansion by the leading game provider.


The leading gaming provider, Zitro, has confirmed a significant expansion of its video bingo game offering with the renowned online operator Suertia via its Zitro Interactive team.

A total of 14 Zitro titles will now be provided by the Spanish operator in addition to a range of sports bets and other interactive games.Betting Business - Zitro Interactive Suertia

The Zitro offerings available via Suertia are already live and can be played both online and on mobile phones via support from Zitro’s HTML5 technology.

Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro stated: “Zitro Interactive is a key player in transforming Zitro into a global leader in the gaming industry, and in order to become one, we need to make our games available to all consumers, anywhere, anytime. The expansion of our commercial agreement with Suertia is an important step towards that goal that we have set.”

Suertia was one of the first Spanish companies to enter the online gaming market after receiving the corresponding licenses granted by the General Direction of Order of the Game (DGOJ) in the year 2013.

Pere Moliné, General Director of said: “Thanks to this important expansion of our offer with Zitro, we can continue to grow in the casino and slots category providing our users with one of the largest multi-terminal offers on the market.”

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