Playtech BGT Sports poised to launch BetTracker

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New BetTracker app set to revolutionise the retail betting sector by letting customers transfer their sports bets.

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS), has confirmed that it is poised to launch its BetTracker phone app which allows customers to transfer their sports bets to their mobile devices after placing them in-shop.

Players can then watch their bets progress and even cash them out on the system, which sits on the same platform as the BGT terminals commonly-found in bookmakers throughout the UK and Ireland.

John Pettit,PBS’s UK, Ireland and Australia Managing Director, said: “We appreciate that some shop customers prefer anonymity and don’t want online accounts. Others like the sociability their local bookie offers. This solution caters for both, bringing the technology that is now routine online into retail estates for the first time.

BetTracker, which is available on Apple and Android, brings the convenience of online account management to players without an online account, allowing customers to scan a ticket to the bespoke app and monitor its progress, wherever they happen to be. The customer is then able to return to any of the operator’s retail outlets to receive their winnings in cash, having let their bet ride or opted to cash-out.

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