Continent 8 announces two global service upgrades

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Internet technology, and global hosting solution providers, Continent 8, has announced two updates that will shape the company’s offering for years to come.

With its global hosting for egaming services, private network access, and cross jurisdiction business solutions, Continent 8’s offering is already substantial. Ahead of ICE the company announced two service upgrades to enhance its service scope and capability.

In recent months Continent 8 has rolled out a number of new network Points of Presence (PoPs) across the globe, and has undertaken some of its biggest expansion projects in years at existing sites. Additions to the PoP line-up include Los Angeles, allowing for East and West coast US coverage, a number of locations across Europe, and Tokyo and Hong Kong to compliment the other APAC efforts of the company.

In addition Continent 8’s DDoS mitigation platform has been upgraded and rolled out to new jurisdictions with increased capability and reach. The network capacity has also been multiplied in order to deal with the increased workloads and client needs.

The network’s capability already allows customers to securely replicate, backup and transport data globally between sites and across regions, as well as using it to link global offices back to data centres. This is possible through Continent 8’s existing coverage across Europe, North America and Asia, with the company’s global network linking all Continent 8 data centres, points of presence, and peering points. This is now set for a significant development in the coming months, as the company intends to complete a full network circumnavigation by linking the Asia region back to Europe and across the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles.

Continent 8 capabilities also allow for customer access to a range of secure managed services, including a leading DDoS mitigation service, and many are using it simply to access to some of the most redundant internet access available on the market.

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