Betting Gods: Five startups changing the betting industry for the better

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Darren Moore, director of the rapidly expanding tipster firm, Betting Gods, writes exclusively for Betting Business about five of the industry’s more disruptive innovators.


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]raditional bookmakers have been transformed since they launched online 20 years ago and the UK online market alone is reported as being worth in excess of £3bn per annum – from a turnover exceeding £33bn. As a result, many startup companies are coming up with new, more innovative ways of doing business in order to carve out their own slice of this growing market. Here are some of the most exciting new startups making a revolutionary impact on the betting industry:

Black Type

This new online bookmaker aims to offer the industry’s best margins on horse racing, dog racing and other major sporting events. For UK and Irish horse racing, gamblers are guaranteed to be able to place bets that can win at least £500. For other major sporting events, the potential winnings are guaranteed to be at least £1,000.

The underlying aim is to provide value to gamblers for all events and not just for the major sporting events of the year.


This startup has attracted a large amount of capital by offering a novel business model. It allows computer game developers to add a real money gambling element to their software, without having to pass through all of the regulatory hoops that a gambling business would normally have to traverse.

Betable achieves this by being a fully licensed company itself, offering easy access to their certified fair and legal gambling via an API. Their customers can then add the excitement of real money gambling without having to overcome the hurdles that are traditionally associated with this business.

Casino VR

This company seeks to add the key component of live interaction that has been missing from online poker games. Poker players rely on being able to see how their opponents react when they place a bet. By reading their opponents’ tell tale signs of nervousness or confidence they gain crucial information that forms how they will bet.

The Casino VR software creates a virtual reality casino with six Texas Hold ‘Em tables where each player’s avatar reflects their head and body movements as they play.


The advent of home computers and the internet hasn’t just disrupted the gambling industry, it’s also created a new and hugely lucrative computer games industry. The most serious computer gamers are able to compete professionally and attract a global audience who follow their exploits.

BetGame seeks to introduce the excitement of real money gambling to this new field of sporting endeavour. It allows console gamers to bet on the outcome of games that they play with their friends.

FSB Technology

Ok, so not strictly a startup but this company offers a complete solution that encompasses everything from customer registration and management to betting tools and industry leading casino games. All of this is backed up by a licence from the UK Gambling Commission.

FSB allows its customers to easily and cost-effectively enter into the world of running their own online gambling site. Its platform can be customised to meet the requirements of different gambling regulatory regimes around the world.

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