Uniforms by John Marks: From catwalk to croupier

Betting Business - From catwalk to croupier - Uniforms by John Marks
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Following in-depth research from New York to South Korea, Uniforms by John Marks is remaining at the forefront of global fashion with the latest designs in gaming uniforms and accessories.

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]niforms designed by John Marks have been bringing fashion to the workplace for decades. But the depth of research that goes into this process is probably one of the most understated elements, particularly given the high profile of the company’s product in its clients’ venues. Behind the uniform is a programme of constant researching of trends from around the world, visiting leading cities such as Paris, Milan, New York and Seoul as well as researching the UK’s high streets.

With 20 years experience in the industry, the company understands the importance of closely following trends in both style and practicality, allowing for the creation of designs that are uniform but also have individual bespoke detail.

Managing director Carolyne Hirsch and the company’s lead designer explained how they keep up-to-date with current fashion:  “A lot of our research is also done through the top designers; Catwalks online, or fashion TV, plus subscriptions to all the major magazines such as Vogue, Harpers and L’officiel.”

Of course, besides being on trend, uniforms have to be practical, durable and comfortable. By hand-picking and then testing fabrics from across the globe, Uniforms by John Marks ensures its outfits are built not only to last, but are easy to maintain.

Hirsch said: “Fabric fairs and expos around the world are attended, and only the best fit-for-purpose fabrics are chosen. We subject our fabrics to industry testing for washing,pilling, shrinkage, colour loss and seam slippage. My design team are also always on the lookout for new and upcoming, interesting materials; in Manchester a new LED lit fabric has been used to make dresses which light up and change colour powered by the wearer’s breathe.”

With these key ingredients of cutting-edge design and high-quality materials, Uniforms by John Marks works with operators to incorporate individual and specific branding and colour schemes which complement their casino brand, theme and interior decor, always working  within budget and time constraints.


It is amazing how the right uniforms and accessories make a team feel important and motivated.


Hirsch and her lead designers see the view from clients as crucial, welcoming their input, collating their specific ideas and then using their industry knowledge to create several design boards to choose from.

“Clients often have preconceived ideas of their requirements, it is then my job to incorporate my many years of experience to ensure the best possible bespoke uniforms are chosen for each individual establishment,” she said.  “Key fashion shapes are identified from the catwalks and then modified to suit all body shapes and facilitate movement depending on the specific job of the uniform wearer. Several initial customised design boards from which the client can choose, which is then expanded to ensure uniformity and theme from front to back of house.”

This holistic approach to casino uniforms is completed with an array of accessories, increasing the impact with visitors and giving staff an added incentive to look both professional and fashionable.

Hirsch added: “We are finding that more and more casinos are wanting to enhance their style with a bit of added jewellery as it is not possible to incorporate glitz on garments that need to be washed regularly.  Add-ons such as belts, cufflinks, scarves, ties and aprons are not only easy to brand, but are also inexpensive. Even small details such as a necklace can significantly enhance a ‘look’. It is amazing how the right uniforms and accessories make a team feel important and motivated. It is a proven fact that complimented and appreciated staff work harder, and that surely applies to all of us.”

Attendees to ICE can visit Uniforms by John Marks at stand S8-220, where the company are showing a write your own message, branded t-shirt that glows in the dark.

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