Hainenko: Mightier than the sword

Betting Business - Hainenko: Mightier than the sword
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It is a little known fact that Hainenko Limited were the original suppliers of the bookmaker’s pen.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he company’s CEO, Douglas Ashpole, had at the time been marketing for another company when it occurred to him that there was a flaw in the buying habits of bookmakers. He could not understand why they were giving away full size pens when the average use of the pens by the punters was approximately only eight times. Inspired by this, he had the idea to produce a small pen specifically for use in bookmakers, eventually setting up his own factory in Italy and later expanding into Bulgaria and China.

From this one idea the company developed into the largest bulk selling writing instrument supplier in the UK and expanded its range to include highlighters, markers, pencils etc.

With a stock holding of 5,000 pallets and sales of approximately nine million writing instruments per week, Hainenko Limited has become one of the most formidable market leaders and to think it all started…with the bookmaker’s pen.

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