2DB’s Diginews: Read all about it

Read all about it
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This year 2DB will be highlighting the latest version of its Diginews product, which has been adapted to run on UHD/4K screens. The improved display resolution allows 2DB to include more information and detail than before, by compacting form guides, latest odds and results with small, yet perfectly readable, fonts.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n contrast to printed newspaper form guides, Diginews UHD offers live updates with dynamic track schedules and configurations. For example, a Diginews UHD screen can be used to display detailed form guides during live racing hours and later adopt a new display for marketing and promotions.

Diginews UHD can be combined with 2BD’s innovative Genus Multiview layouts to present a combination of gantry style display pages alongside the digital form guides.  2DB can also include live streaming TV on the same screen (or multiple screens), from local in-shop video sources.

Prices for Ultra HD TVs are rapidly falling, for example a 55 inch 4K TV can now be purchased for under £500, making it far easier to start leveraging the benefits of this technology in betting shop displays.

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