Continent 8: Network expansion to rival global telcos

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Internet technology firm Continent 8 achieve truly global status, in expanding its private network from the west coast of the US to Asia’s eastern frontier.


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ixteen years ago when the founders of Continent 8 opened their first data centre, specifically to serve the then emerging online gambling industry, little did they know how much the industry and their role within it would develop.

As the regulation of online gambling has swept across the globe in the convening years, Continent 8 has continued to expand with it. Now with data hosting, private network and managed services spanning Europe, Asia and North America the service provider boasts over 20 global points of presence and a network capacity and service portfolio to rival some of the world’s global telcos. And this year the firm celebrates a decade since its incorporation as Continent 8 Technologies in the Isle of Man in 2006.

Both its footprint and the capabilities the firm developed are such that it now suits a number of highly regulated markets – each with their own requirements for ultra-high availability services. As a result, Continent 8 now serves a number of additional global industries such as online payments, financial services, corporate services and governments.

But data hosting is only one division of the company that has grown rapidly in the last 12 months. Due to this expansion, and based on the technical expertise gained, product innovation and depth of knowledge of the industry, the company now offers a number of additional products and services. Its DDoS protection capacity for example, is today unchallenged across a range of markets, and well known for its high level of service and customer focus.

This year also saw the company’s global private network expansion take a marked step up, with additional network nodes in Asia and on the west coast of the US. These developments mean the company has the capability to send a packet of data literally around the globe, on their own network.

“2017 shows no sign of this pace letting up either,” said a company spokesperson. “We have a number of exciting products and developments in the pipeline for launch early in the year to capitalise on this position – so we feel sure that the coming years will be just as exciting for the team at Continent 8.”

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