New affiliate website sees Game Lounge become first European affiliate in Japan

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Game Lounge has launched a new Japanese affiliate website in a move the company claim makes them the “first European affiliate company” within the Japanese market.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ame Lounge announced it has launched the first Japanese affiliate website,

The company claim the initial site is the first of many as Game Lounge hope to launch roughly 100 websites to the Japanese market.

Commenting on the industry first, Jonas Cederholm, CEO, Game Lounge Ltd , said: “We give a lot of importance to the Japanese market’s local needs as it is very different from all the other European markets. Therefore, the project is handled by highly qualified Japanese marketers, designers and content writers, all of whom are very experienced in the online casino industry.
We can say that Game Lounge Ltd. is the “FIRST European affiliate company” that professionally entered the Japanese market.”

Shino Besson, Operations Manager Japan, Game Lounge Ltd., explained: “Recently, as many of you know, there was a discussion about the act of promotion of casinos in Japan. Because of this fact, we have a very positive feeling that Japanese people will have a less negative image of online gambling. Most probably this might remind you about the Nordic markets some years ago, and the numbers of players in these countries have grown dramatically over the last few years.

We are sure that soon more and more Japanese customers will start being active online players, and we also know that their lifetime value is twice as big compared to the European players.”

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