GambleAware announce five-year strategy to increase research and funding

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Following the appointment of a new Chair, GambleAware has confirmed its strategy for the next five-years in line with the charity’s social responsibility objective.


[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ambleAware has announced its plans for the coming years with a new five-year strategy in which the charity will look to increase its research budget and funding.

The charity, formerly known as the Responsible Gaming Trust, has reinforced its focus on responsible gambling with the strategy aiming to double investment into preventative treatment for problem gambling over the next five years.

GambleAware’s plans appeal to the industry to help increase its funding to £10million a year to contribute to research, education and treatment services.

The strategy also outlines the charity’s aims to increase its research budget by 50 percent by 2018, to identify what Betting Business Kate Lampard GambleAwarecauses gambling-related harm, how best to prevent it, and which forms of treatment are most effective for problem gamblers.

Kate Lampard CBE, the newly appointed Chair of GambleAware said: “Our number one priority is protecting the vulnerable. The most important thing to us is to be able to provide treatment, preventative education and research to minimise the harm caused by gambling. Our new strategy makes clear that we hope to work with the gambling industry but we are prepared, when necessary, to challenge the industry in pursuit of our objectives.”

GambleAware’s five-year strategy has been laid out ahead of its annual harm-minimisation conference held in December.

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