BMM Testlabs supports #CodePurple for teen suicide awareness

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The leading gaming test laboratory, BMM Testlabs, confirmed its support for the #CodePurple bowling tournament as part of its Next Generation Initiative.


[dropcap]B[/dropcap]MM Testlabs, has reported that its Next Generation Initiative provided support to the #CodePurple bowling tournament at the Indian National Rodeo Finals last week to raise awareness about the increase in tribal teen suicide.

#CodePurple was created by Faith Holyan, winner of the 2016 World Championship in the Ladies Breakaway and 2014/2015 INFR Women’s All Around World Championships.

Commenting on the awareness campaign, Faith commented: “I think that as Native Youth we have so many struggles and feel like our obstacles are bigger than our life. Suicide among Native Americans is very common between the ages of 15-24. If we could all start to use #CodePurple with others and spread it to our target group that would be awesome. So many times we wait until after the fact to say we should have done something and then it’s too late. We all are on the same team; we all have struggles; we all can help one another and we can be there for each other.”

BMM’s Next Generation Initiative aims to provide access to financial resources in support of Native American youth, health and education causes.

Jodi DiLascio, BMM’s Director, Tribal Gaming added, “BMM Testlabs is honored to have been able to support the efforts of Faith and #CodePurple through our Next Generation Initiative. Faith is raising awareness of what has become all too common on reservations across the country. It is BMM’s hope that our financial support can help in some small way, to make a difference in a young person’s life who may be struggling.”


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