Finding the x-factor: challenges of recruiting in iGaming

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Bit8 CEO Angelo Dalli explains how the gaming industry may have been a victim of its own success in relation to recruiting the top talent in key positions.


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s no shortage of top talent in an iGaming hub like Malta, but finding the cream of the crop in tech and business development can still be a challenge. Bit8 CEO Angelo Dalli addresses some of the problems faced by the industry as it continues to grow at a rapid pace.

The online gambling industry has been on an impressive growth trajectory over the past few months. Global gross gaming revenues now run into the tens of billions of dollars per year, generated by an army of operators and suppliers battling it out over market supremacy.

In some ways, however, the sector has been a victim of its own success; the meteoric rise in scale and scope leaving many firms playing catch-up. This has certainly been the case when it comes to recruiting talent into key roles.

It is a hurdle we are trying to clear here at bit8. We are currently undergoing a major recruitment drive, adding 50 positions to our existing roll-call of 80. The roles are predominantly in development, business analysis and specialised UX design, and have been much harder to fill than first thought. That’s not to say the talent isn’t out there – it is – but the challenge has been making graduates and veterans alike aware of the iGaming industry and the opportunities it presents them.

If we were looking to fill these positions in a London-based office our job would be much easier as a lot of other companies based there are looking for a similar set of skills. The pool from which to fish out the brightest minds and creative thinkers that much deeper. But operating out of Malta has its advantages – from 300 days a year of sunshine to the reasonable clomid buy cost of living – and I am confident we can draw more people to the island. It’s something we have done in the past, perfecting the art of relocation in the process.

But if Malta is to compete on the international job market, it needs to do more to scale up and promote what it has to offer – just like the iGaming industry has. Wages on the island have recently increased, for example – a double edged-sword for employers such as ourselves but a net-positive for the island as it has seen an influx of people which in turn has led to the opening of more bars, restaurants, and leisure facilities. They just haven’t shouted loudly enough about it.

That, however, is exactly what we plan to do at the upcoming SiGMA 2016. We will use the conference as a soapbox from which to shout about our recruitment drive, the positions we are looking to fill, and the benefits of working and living on Malta. We are also excited to showcase some of our new products, including an innovative lottery product set for launch imminently, and to talk to visitors and exhibitors alike about the exciting things taking place at bit8 in the coming months, including our recently-awarded B2B licence in Romania.

The reason for bolstering the number of employees we have here at bit8 reflects how the business is scaling-up and growing. We are at a point now where we need more talent and expertise to drive things forward and take us to the next level. So whether a graduate fresh out of university or an industry veteran looking for a new challenge with a company that is focused yet fun, competitive yet creative, bit8 is the place for you. And for those attending SiGMA next month, make sure to visit our stand.

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