SeanieMac debuts new online betting platform

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Achieving a key corporate milestone for the year, Irish bookmaker SeanieMac has upgraded its online betting platform.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]rish bookmaker SeanieMac has confirmed the ‘full upgrade’ of its online betting platform, which will allow the operator to provide its customers with a better overall engagement of markets and services.Betting Business Seaniemac platform

The operator’s platform upgrade has been presented as one of the independent bookmaker’s key corporate milestones for full-year 2016.

The integrated platform has been further supported with the launch of a new website, allowing for a better user navigation and overall optimisation.

Last July SeanieMac confirmed European sports betting technology provider Optima as its lead platform and provisions supplier.

SeanieMac CEO Shane O’ Driscoll commented on the upgrade: “These are key parts of developing a new site and over the coming weeks we will continue to further develop and upgrade our site and strive to offer a unique experience.”

“We are working diligently to grow our customer base and our VIP customer strategy on a daily basis. All of these steps are part of our strategic plan to achieve cash flow positive operations this quarter and turnover revenues of $50,000,000 annually by year end. We will provide updates on revenues shortly. We are very confident we will hit our goals in 2016.”

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