Stephanie Grech – why anti-fraud is not designed to stop customers from playing

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Fraud is an unavoidable part of the gaming industry but as technology and awareness continues to progress it is a problem which is not without a solution.


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen the iGaming Education Forum takes place during the SiGMA Conference in November (16/17/18), it will be aiming to ‘grow the industry through education’, and with the entire first day dedicated to Compliance, covering topics such as Responsible Gaming, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud and Payments Handling, it is clear that solutions to fraud are high on the agenda.

With over seven years of experience in fraud prevention and risk assessment in the iGaming industry, AspireGlobal’s Payouts and Risk Department Manager,Stephanie Grech, discussed why she believes understanding fraud is integral to not just prospective gaming companies, but its customers too. She explained: “Fraud is managed not omitted and impacts the wider international gaming industry in a number of ways. Having the knowledge and understanding of what fraud in the gaming industry is will make prospective gaming company owners not only more able to run a successful company, but also safeguard their potential customers too. Major steps have been implemented over recent years where anti- fraud measures are now seen as important aspects of business but there is still work to be done to make the industry understand that we are there as part of the team and not there to stop customers from playing.”

Stephanie Grech’s Anti-Fraud and Payments Handling session will cover techniques that should be implemented Betting Business AspireGlobal Stephanie Grechwithin every company in order to ensure a successful and effective fraud management strategy covering the various payments related procedures and processes. Commenting on her debut training role at the iGaming Education Forum, she explained: “The iGaming Education Forum will be attended by industry professionals from across the globe hence it is the ideal platform to discuss something as impactful to the industry as fraud and payment-handling. I will be delivering a broad spectrum and understanding of what fraud is in the gaming industry and what measures can be implemented to prevent this. I am currently the Payouts and Risk department manager within AspireGlobal, a top platform provider offering a total “all-in-one” solution for online gaming operators, so all the topics that I will be covering are actual details that I manage and deal with on a day-to-day basis. It’s rewarding to know that all the knowledge that I have gained through the years will be passed on to others and they will in turn pass it on, pushing this industry to higher levels of knowledge and understanding.

Stephanie added: “This is the first time I will be part of the iGaming Academy team so I’m looking forward to learning from the various topics that’s will be covered and hope to meet more industry professionals where we can discuss and share information on all aspects relating to the gaming industry specifically in relation to my topic.”

The iGaming Education Forum, which offers the opportunity for delegates to benefit from 80-years of gaming experience in just three days, will focus on three of the major areas of contemporary interest to the industry including Compliance, which will touch on regulatory aspects including AML, Anti-Fraud and Payments as well as Responsible Gaming. The event also covers product specific topics, such as Sportsbook, Casino or Lottery Management and eSports. The Acquisition and Retention workshop, will address Customer Relationship Management, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Management. All participants in the iGaming Education Forum will also have free entrance to the expo as SiGMA delegates.


For more information and to register for the iGaming Education Forum, visit Note that spaces are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

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