iGaming Education Forum’s Heidi Lind Jensen: why CRM goes beyond customer service

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With the first edition of the iGaming Education Forum set to open its doors as part of the SiGMA Conference in November (16/17/18), its panel of gaming expert speakers are preparing to deliver 80 years worth of gaming experience over the forum’s three days and drive the industry forward.


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith topics ranging across Compliance, Retention, Acquisition and Product Management, the forum is set to deliver a comprehensive training program for individuals and companies keen to work in the global iGaming industry and its customers form a significant part of this. With an extensive background in marketing management and a strong emphasis on creative and analytical roles, consultant Heidi Lind Jensen explains why Customer Relationship Management’s broad focus is vital to the industry and why she feels education is a long-term investment for iGaming employees.

iGaming Academy trainer, Heidi Lind Jensen, explained:“I am a big believer in customer-centric communication, something most of us want to achieve, but it can be difficult in the day-to-day fast paced environment especially when faced with technological constraints. CRM is quite a wide topic in itself, so during the forum I will focus on the structure of a customer-centric CRM planning process alongside the psychology behind your customers. It will look into the way that customers act, based on the customer analytics gathered, and the ways that can be implemented in order to ensure the best retention rates for these customers. This workshop will aid in the building of a strong CRM program within your company but it is not a shortcut to success. You will not walk out thinner or richer, but hopefully it will trigger some questions and offer a process you can take back and implement in parts or fully within your company.”

Heidi Lind Jensen is the co-founder of a consultancy company with experience in high-level planning overviews as well as a more granular customer understanding and she believes that a more diverse approach to CRM whilst embracing new technologies is the key to driving the industry forward.

Heidi stated:“CRM should be customer-centric and not company-centric. I am saying this because I have come across many CRM professionals that are ‘stuck’ in the same pattern. They are running the same campaigns and the same bonuses at set times despite changes to their customer group overtime, simply because this is what was previously possible in terms of technology and resources. Conducting campaigns and communication in this manner is company-centric because they end up being shaped by the company rather than the end user. I believe the companies that focus on the customers are the companies that will survive in the increasingly saturated market as and in general, I feel the industry is very responsive to new technologies. Many companies are implementing tools that can help us collect all the data that comes our way. However, this data is worth very little in CRM if we do not translate this into humans, so the Customer Relationship Management workshop I will be running will aim to make sense of these actions and show how it can be used to optimise our campaigns so the industry becomes more relevant in its communication.”


Being part of the iGaming Academy Training team, every time I deliver a course I learn something new


Discussing the iGaming Education Forum, Heidi Lind Jensen focused on the advantage of a workshop which deals with a broad spectrum of attendees, from candidates looking to get into the industry to seasoned professionals, and how this scope can bebeneficial to developing the industry in the future. She continued: “Sigma brings together all the iGaming professionals in Malta alongside many international delegates from various jurisdictions. In addition to this we have a growing iGaming industry in Malta and many aspiring iGaming professionals who are looking to find a way into this exciting industry. The iGaming Education Forum is therefore an ideal platform to help both iGaming professionals gain a new perspective as well as introduce aspiring individuals to a very important area of iGaming.

“Being part of the iGaming Academy Training team, every time I deliver a course I learn something new”, she concluded.“Be it a new way of seeing the world and the industry or changing and challenging my delivery in order to make the biggest impact on each attendee. In terms of the future of the industry, I’m looking forward to the iGaming Education Forum and seeing the different things attendees take away from the training, challenging their pre-conceptions and offering them a structure that can help them take their work to the next level.


To find out more about the Customer Relationship Management and the iGaming Education Forum’s full three day schedule at SiGMA (16/17/18 November), visit: maltaigamingforum.com

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