Jabet sees 500 percent rise in Wimbledon betting

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Online sportsbook JAbet has celebrated its most successful week yet after UK punters moved to lift their post-referendum spirits betting on the Wimbledon Championships.

The niche online bookmaker, which currently specialises only in tennis, has grown rapidly since its launch in March 2015, with volumes for Wimbledon 2016 up by over 500 percent on the previous year.

JAbet is the first sportsbook to offer back and lay bets without any commission, meaning it can take traditional back bets on the outcome of a match or a lay bets, betting against a certain outcome.

“We are the only website exclusively dedicated to tennis betting, which is a growth market among regular punters and fans of the sport,” said Vincent Leonard, JAbet spokesperson. “Our business model allows us to offer the lowest margins in the business, with no commission, and we will not close or restrict winning accounts.”

The firm’s expansion has been aided by the their proprietary pricing software which, along  with a team of 14 dedicated tennis traders, enables JAbet to offer bespoke odds for every match.

The UK’s interest in tennis has enjoyed an upsurge in recent years following the success of Andy Murray, particularly his Olympic and Wimbledon triumphs in 2012 and 2013  and there is every sign of this trend continuing after his third Grand Slam victory.

“When it comes to betting tennis is often overshadowed by football and horseracing, but it offers excitement and instant returns in markets such as our popular ‘next game winner’,” added Vincent. “By focusing on this one sport, we are able to offer odds based stake-sensitive pricing to maximise bet acceptance.”

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