XIN Gaming expands its horizons with European acquisitions

XIN Gaming
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Asia facing games and system developer XIN Gaming, has acquired two Swedish companies, software and solutions provider Tain, and Betting Promotion, a sportsbook supplier.

“This acquisition is a milestone for XIN Gaming,” said Mathias Larsson, XIN Gaming’s managing director. “Tain is one of the most established brands in the online market and this heritage is important as we believe it builds trust.”

Tain launched its first sportsbook in 1999 and since then has expanded its offering to include a betting exchange and casino, poker and bingo games.

Mathias Larsson xin gaming“Most suppliers out there only have their own platform, and their reliance on third-party providers means they can’t offer competitive pricing to clients. However, Tain’s in-house offering means it can therefore offer low prices to operators,” added Larsson.

Tain services a range of clients and also offers a payment gateway solution, alongside its Tain Commons Platform which ties together an operator’s entire range of gaming products into a single management interface.

Tain will also now integrate slot games from XIN Gaming and Live Dealer from Asia Gaming into is range and make these available to European operators.

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