Omni-channel is the key to unlocking player value

Playtech Player Gala Coral Connect omni-channel
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Seamless user experience, brand awareness and incentives for multi-channel gameplay are three of the key principles of successful games design for Playtech, who have managed to boost player value for Gala Coral with their unique ‘Connect’ solution.


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to the tech experts, omni-channel is the ultimate realisation of multi-channel capabilities and customer centricity – combining the flexibility of gaming on the go with a tailored user experience that’s intuitive and simple.

For Playtech – the gaming giant that has built a reputation in the industry as omni-channel specialist – seamless transitions are key, which means developing games that feel easy to use across all devices.

“When designing a successful omni-channel game it is imperative to consider that a player’s experience should be the same, across all platforms, all channels, in any location, time and on whatever device of their choosing,” a spokesperson for Playtech told Betting Business. “They should receive the same familiarity of their favourite game on mobile as they do on desktop, tablet or in-store.”

That was the thinking between Playtech ‘ONE’ – the software solution that allows for seamless integration across all channels – and the supplier’s Connect product, which has helped operator Gala Coral increase the lifetime value of their most customers.

“In 2014 Gala Coral launched the first deployment of our omni-channel solution, Coral Connect, delivering a seamless, one wallet, one account experience across all channels,” the spokesperson revealed. “Since then, sign-ups have accelerated considerably, witnessing over 160,000 new registrations in H1 of 2016, more than in the whole of 2015.”


Since then, sign-ups have accelerated considerably, witnessing over 160,000 new registrations in H1 of 2016, more than in the whole of 2015.


On average, Coral’s Connect customers spend 2.5 times more than non-Connect customers, highlighting the demand for Omni-channel connectivity and the ability to move seamlessly between channels, through a single account and single wallet.

“Connect has been one of the industry’s greatest success stories, with Connect customers now accounting for 40-50 percent of net revenue and we foresee further operators tapping into this strategy,” the spokesperson added.

This heightened value was partly the result of a successful cross-channel marketing strategy, including incentivising gameplay across different devices with innovative promotions. One of the company’s latest releases, the first three games in its new Age of Gods series, boasts new features and unlockable bonuses, while another – Tiki Paradise – offers cross-selling opportunities between channels.

“For Tiki Paradise, we created a series of unlockable features that work to adjust the volatility across each channel, offering retail players with the most suitable feature for them, and likewise across mobile and desktop,” the spokesperson said. “These crosschannel incentives work to encourage players to move between channels, ensuring not only a seamless omni-channel experience for players, but also generating greater profits for operators, while simultaneously increasing brand loyalty and overall lifetime value.”

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