Callcredit launches new data-breach solution

Callcredit Information Group payment
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Callcredit Information Group’s Consumer Markets has launched Noddle Protect, a data breach solution to help safeguard businesses from the reputational damage of a data breach and safeguard consumers’ digital identity.

Noddle Protect enables businesses to put in place a fast and effective remediation plan to help safeguard their customers who may have had their personal data compromised following a data breach. Customers who sign up to the service can identify and respond to fraudulent activity, helping them to mitigate any damage to their credit profile caused by criminals.

Jacqueline Dewey, managing director at Callcredit Consumer Markets, said: “By being proactive and investing in safeguarding their consumers via a data breach solution such as Noddle Protect, businesses are not only acting responsibly, they are demonstrating a genuine investment in their consumer relationships.”

Changes in EU data protection law mean all organisations at risk of a data breach need to be prepared to safeguard their consumers. From mid-2018, if organisations fall victim to a data breach, under the General Data Protection Regulation, they will have to inform their customers when a serious data breach occurs and could be fined up to a maximum of four percent of their global turnover.

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