Turkish Privatisation Administration tries to sell state lottery – again

Lottery Naci A bal Turkey
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The Turkish Privatisation Administration has announced that it will start taking initial bids for the new tender for the country’s state lottery on August 15 but that interested parties must register before July 14.

The announcement confirmed earlier comments by Finance Minister Naci A bal that the government is planning to award 10-year licences for Milli Piyango, the National Lottery Directorate.

This is not Turkey’s first rodeo when it comes privatisation; the lottery was put up for sale two years ago after then-PM Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey’s “era of state involvement in gambling” was at an end.

But while a consortium including Scientific Games won the rights to operate Milli Piyango, the deal fell through due to the sharp fall in the value of the Turkish lira.

Turkey then awarded the concession to runner-up ERG-Ahlatci, a joint venture between jeweller Ahlatci and Turkish company ERG, but they also failed to make the payment within the required time frame.

A bal has announced that the tender specifications will be revised in order to “attract more bidders than the previous tries.”

He went on to state that, given issues with the transfer of operational right in the previous tender, the new tender would be prepared as a “private law contract.” Additionally while the tender will still be held on a dollar basis, investors will now have the option to pay using local currency with the pre-deposit payment, previously fixed at 40 percent of the contract value, reduced to 20 percent.

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