BetConstruct: “Gaming is a stream with banks”

BetContruct Vahe Baloulian
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In a world of transient trends and brash buzzwords, BetConstruct CEO Vahe Baloulian remains focussed on the things that matter: the products with longevity, the sustainable operations, staff who are knowledgeable and the profits that speak for themselves.


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen asked about the key growth markets in the rapidly changing iGaming industry, Vahe Baloulian easily cites the latest big trends – from virtual reality to millennials – but, he stresses, the most important activity can often happen behind the scenes and away from the biggest media headlines.

“There is a lot of talk about e-sports, millennials, virtual reality, mergers and acquisitions, and so on,” he said. “But I believe that, paraphrasing Will Durant’s words, gaming is a stream with banks. The stream is sometimes filled with trends, buzzwords, stories, people doing the things media usually gets excited about, while on the banks, often unnoticed and unheralded, companies run their casinos, sportsbooks, bingos and lotteries and quietly produce compelling results and serious profits. The most important story is what’s happening on the banks.”

What is happening on the banks, he admits, can vary from shore to shore, with cultural trends and behaviours varying across different regions. Bet- Construct, for example, has grown from Armenian roots to become a truly global company, but it still recognises the importance of local detail in its games. In the case of Eastern Europe, this includes drawing inspiration from popular card games that are still played in streets and cafes.

“Gaming product of today is like a story we tell,” said Baloulian. “There are universal stories and there are stories that are uniquely local. It takes a lot of creative power, sophistication and maturity to create products with a global appeal. The geographically and demographically tailored products are the nourishment required for the global stories to be born and thrive.

“With offices and operations encompassing almost every continent, we see success of both local and global products as players demand diversity along with the familiar. Beside our games and betting products, BetConstruct gaming platform also provides our partners the freedom of choice and flexibility to meet these demands.”

And BetConstruct’s hands-on approach goes beyond its gaming content and market-leading Spring platform to the everyday detail of its customer service provision. At the company’s customer service centres, every member of the customer- facing team must undergo a rigorous training programme to ensure that they are fully up to speed with different varieties of gaming and betting and requirements of exceptional service.

Commenting on the importance of having this kind of staff knowledge, Baloulian said: “It is imperative. Realising that our colleagues – hundreds of developers, risk managers, support, sales and marketing specialists – cannot all be players, we must focus on educating them. It’s an incredibly difficult task and results can be very deceptive.

“People go through training but do they actually understand, do they actually feel what the players feel when using our products? Only with this level of awareness and appreciation for player’s custom we can ensure that every member of our team is able not to disappoint our partners and their players. In turn, this will also ensure that the players will sense how much passion and energy went into creating the products and services we offer.” BetConstruct will be showcasing its full suite of gaming solutions at June’s iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam, alongside its Spring platform – a complete operational solution – and a range of sports betting products. According to Baloulian, the team will be looking to build on their knowledge as well as sharing their own. “We showed our trust in iGaming Super Show by becoming their Platinum sponsor and will definitely be exhibiting there,” he said. “As everybody knows, this show is a fascinating mix of everything gaming – that’s a great opportunity to learn from the sectors we, as suppliers, don’t often interact with. As far as our objectives, the most important one is to meet partners who can profit from our cutting-edge gaming products and services and become even more successful.”

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