Chair of Svenska Spel stepping down in October

Svenska Spel Chair stepping down
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 The chair of Sweden’s state-owned Svenska Spel gaming monopoly will be stepping down in October due to concerns over the operator’s future social responsibility strategies.


Anitra Linnéa Steen, who is also the wife of former Swedish Prime Minister, Goran Persson, revealed that the monopoly’s recent focus on driving profits means that it has not paid enough attention to social and ethical values.

The 67-year-old former head of the Scandinavian nation’s state-owned alcohol monopoly believes that the government should be doing more to prohibit offshore gaming by blocking advertising and blacklisting certain IP addresses.

“For a social democracy it has always been important to have a clear social responsibility and Svenska Spel has had an efficient gaming policy that has been of great importance for social causes; now it is on the way out,” said Steen. “One should not have private profit interests drive sales in these activities.”

Experts now expect healthcare company chief Erik Strand to be named succesor.

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