Intralot on track to break boundaries at ICE

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Intralot is preparing to break new ground with its best-in-class gaming solutions as it announces the launch a series of brand new retail products at the Intralot Pavilion.

Intralot’s team is ready to welcome visitors to its Iconic Pavilion N6-160 and offer them an exciting journey through Intralot’s leading gaming products and services.

Intralot’s Pavilion at ICE has been set up to provide a unique product journey comprising of five major areas: Retail, Retail Plus, Systems, Interactive and VLTs. These areas present ways to cover all essential players’ needs through technological innovation, hardware solutions and advanced software offerings, all incorporated seamlessly in an omni-channel approach. Visitors can also explore Intralot’s latest and greatest solutions in the “Retail” area. In the retail field, we have succeeded to stay ahead of our peers with our extensively deployed terminal solutions offered in-store, which we enhance further with innovative offerings even outside the boundaries of the traditional retail stores.

Moving on to the “Retail Plus” section, Intralot’s visitors will be offered an exclusive preview of solutions being launched for the first time. One of the new product families is the Self-Service Terminal line (SST), expanding Inralot’s retail offering and addressing new players’ needs. The SST family includes Full Self-Service Terminal, a high-tech dual touchscreen terminal with a dynamic design that has the potential to accommodate games, lottery and betting content and two versions of Kiosks, with one or two displays. In the next part of this area, gaming enthusiasts will have an exclusive hands-on demo of Intralot’s new TapnBet concept incorporated through the Dreamtouch terminal. This next generation terminal has a user-friendly, 42” full HD touchscreen and offers players the opportunity to easily tap and bet on real sports events.

Moving on to the customer journey, visitors will discover the “Betting Entertainment” product family, which adds new gaming options to complement sportsbetting offerings. Two new game demos will be presented, the Apple TV driven BetRider and the 1-2-Go!, based on licensed Pre-recorded Sports Content and powered by innovative participation channels and platforms. BetRider is a representative sample of a new family of hybrid games that combines fast pool and fixed odds betting mechanics.

In the “Systems” area, the company will debut the Intralot Canvas platform, providing a full arsenal of tools specifically designed in order to satisfy game-specific dynamic content management and a personalized User Experience (UX) for each player’s access portal. This goal is achieved through the use of centralized management and advanced content delivery control mechanisms. Intralot Canvas is fully integrated with iGP, Itralot’s player account and relationship management platform. With the use of this integrated solution, customers are served in real-time with personalized content based on segmentation criteria that reflect their preferences and behaviour.

Intralot iflex – the all-inclusive, multi-channel, high performance, sports betting platform – will also be showcased in the Systems area of the booth. The iflex advanced trading platform provides a full betting management solution, complemented with Managed Trading Services, combining all the essential tools for managing multi-channel and real-time information feeds.

The “Interactive” area of the Pavilion showcases a complete mobile ecosystem for lotteries and betting. This ecosystem has been engineered with the aim to cover all players’ and operators’ requirements in the most efficient and timely manner. Either through HTML5 mobile web apps or through a set of native mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices, content from the online platforms and websites can be easily displayed on any mobile device, phone or tablet.

In the “VLTs” area, Intralot’s iGEM and GLS systems are on display. iGEM offers an integrated solution for both monitoring and control of large-scale gaming networks. The modules and add-ons provide the capability of setting rules and dynamically adjust player’s pre-commitment behaviour and self-limits during betting. iGEM can operate in synergy with GLS, a sophisticated workflow-based solution that fully-supports and automates the gaming regulator’s business processes.

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