A Bet A takes a customer-orientated approach to sportsbetting solutions

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For A Bet A, bookmaking success goes hand-in-hand with the highest levels of customer satisfaction –

and by focussing on straightforward solutions to the niggling issues, the company is creating a

smoother betting experience than ever for both operators and punters.

Developing the latest sports betting products for an evolving market is often a careful balancing act

between anticipating the future and savouring the best of the past, and with a quarter of a century’s

global experience, betting technology supplier A Bet A seems to have found its equilibrium.

As enthusiastic punters, A Bet A’s executives place a high value on offering the best possible

customer experience, but they also pride themselves on capturing the imagination with innovative

new solutions – like being the first supplier to add a pool bet to virtual sports.

“We have hugely expanded our product offering, which we’re all very proud of,” explained business

development manager Jason Hardman. “I think becoming the first supplier to introduce a pool bet to

virtual sport products was pretty ground-breaking and will serve both us and our customers well in

2016. We’ve also introduced a roulette product in Ireland which is a game-changer – and the good

news is there’s more to come in 2016.”

It’s been a particularly proactive year for the supplier, with the company racing to keep up with the

latest technological innovations and betting trends. But one of its key successes – a first-of-its-kind

display screen that removes odds discrepancies – was a simple solution to one of the niggling

problems that have irked retail customers over the years.

“I’m particularly excited about our new smart screen technology,” Hardman commented. “As

punters ourselves, we’ve been frustrated for years by the latency issues that mean a price on a

customer-facing screen is often different to the one they’re quoted when they arrive at the till. It’s

such a simple thing to put right but means an awful lot for the customer experience. Fortunately,

we’ve been able to do it first.”

Moving ahead, A Bet A will continue to embrace growing markets – such as the increasing

prominence of football betting on a global scale – as well as maintaining its focus on the core pillars

of horseracing and greyhounds on a domestic level.

“We’ll be focussing on sports betting more and more in 2016. Whilst horses and dogs remain core

product areas, particularly in the UK and Ireland, sports betting – and football specifically – is

increasingly important at home and around the globe,” said Hardman. “Our online sportsbetting

platform, which we’ll be showcasing at ICE, competes with anything that’s on the market and we’d

be delighted to demonstrate it to any interested parties.”

He added: “Having the experience we do, not only our home markets but also in multiple territories

around the globe, is invaluable when it comes to tailoring our products to the needs of the wide

range of customers at ICE. Sports betting is changing and evolving and it’s important to keep up with

those trends.”

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