Operators are waking up to the high-margin goal-scorer market

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As excitement builds for the Euro Championships and the tail-end of the European football season, Super Soccer Oddsfeed partner Jeevan Jeyaratnam is preparing for a wave of interest in the company’s GPS system as the goalscorer market heats up on the continent. 


Betting Business: What are your predictions for the 2016 Euro Championships, and how significant will it be for Super Soccer Oddsfeed customers? 


Jeevan Jeyaratnam: There is no doubt that the European Championships will be in the industry spotlight as soon as an intriguing domestic season has been completed. The expanded format means more games and, undoubtedly, more turnover. The concern for neutrals is the dilution of quality an expanded Championships brings, but I think the hype will be so strong that fans will quite happily sit through less glamorous ties such as Iceland v Hungary. One of the key means punters can interact is by having a goalscorer bet, and we know demand for every one of these games will be high. As for the outcome of the tournament, I have a strong fancy for hosts France. They have been given every chance by the new draw format and even if they have to do without Karim Benzema they have a huge amount of depth in their squad.


BB: Which other football events do you expect to be big-hitters in 2016?


JJ: Aside from the Euros, interest is sure to be high for end of the European season, with Serie A looking particularly exciting. Though many expect Barcelona to pull away in La Liga Atletico Madrid won’t lie down and it could turn into a thriller. The Champions League final is always a hugely popular betting market, with interest in goalscorers at the forefront. Following on the heels of the European Championship is the Olympics and though Great Britain won’t be sending a football team the host country is Brazil, which will no doubt spark some interest. We will be covering it through our Goalscorer Pricing & Settlement product (www.gps-system.co.uk). It will then be straight back to domestic duties where interest couldn’t be any greater.


BB: Which countries do you see as the next big sports betting destinations in the EU? 


JJ: Interest in our GPS feed from European facing firms has increased massively this year, with continental Europe seemingly waking up to the potential profits to be extracted from derivative markets like goalscorers. Big markets such as France and Italy have embraced goalscorers for some time, but their need to expand coverage levels has seen business come our way. Some of the interest is starting to come from former Soviet Union states like Armenia, where the scope is huge and technology is advancing at rapid rates. With more and more countries choosing to pass legislation regarding who can and can’t hold gambling licenses, quite often the growth is determined by whom the licenses are awarded to. Investing time and money obtaining a license does mean firms will look to recoup that investment and so more proactive marketing and attractive product ranges tend to follow.


BB: How do you see football bettor demographics shifting over the next year or so, and why?


JJ: I doubt we’ll see any measurable change in demographics over the next twelve months but I think we will see even more 18-25 year olds opening betting accounts. As internet speeds increase the option to stream on the move could see far more interest in watching and betting on live events. Gambling companies tailor their advertising to attract these young adults and the increase in in-play and mobile betting is suited to this demographic.


BB: What are you expecting to happen in terms of the goalscorer market in general? 

JJ: We hope that the aforementioned advances in streaming continues to rise in popularity as this will help fuel further growth in the goalscorer market. Computer games like Football Manager and FIFA also help familiarise punters with players and this recognition is key to the success of ever expanding league coverage. We’ve added more competitions in the last 18 months, due to customer demand, than we had in the previous five years. Long may it continue!


BB: What does 2016 hold for GPS and how would you reflect on 2015?


JJ: Super Soccer Oddsfeed and Abelson Info’s GPS feed hopes to continue its strong growth trajectory into 2016 and beyond. 2015 has been a great year and given the popularity and quality of the product there is no reason why we won’t be helping even more firms realise that profits than can be gained from a high margin market like goalscorers. We make the whole process simple by providing a one-stop shop for pre-match scorers, including rapid settlement, with up to eighteen derivative markets per player.


For enquiries about the improved and extended GPS service, including bespoke packages and commercials, contact Jeevan Jeyaratnam: jeevan@supersoccer.co.uk, call the London office on +44 (0)203 735 5320 or visit: www.gps-system.co.uk


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