MRG creates new Summary System

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MRG Systems has developed a new system that gives bookmakers more control over what information to promote to their customers.

The Summary Screen is the next generation of MRG’s popular All-in-One display screen and allows bookmakers the flexibility to choose which meetings get priority in their shops.

The landscape display can show all the runners and riders for selected meetings, complete with the integration of any odds feeds that the bookmaker uses. One particularly useful feature is that it shows non-runners as they happen, unlike the traditional newspaper, so a punter doesn’t waste time looking at the wrong horses.

MRG’s Ian Hunter commented: “The system can take whatever live feeds a bookmaker has and create and use that information. Ultimately the product has the ability to display anything they choose. At the moment we are concentrating on horseracing as that is where the demand is, but going forward we will be able to include whatever the bookmaker wants to see.”

The other advantage of the Summary Screen is the ability of bookmakers to schedule which events they want to show on the screens and the order they get shown.

Because the content can be selected, several Summary Screens can be used in a single LBO. Hunter explained: “We’d expect customers to want multiple screens, and there is no limit on the number of screens being used. The limit is actually how much information you have. Bookmakers could assign three or four screens to racing, while another two could show another sport. It all depends on what the bookmakers want to show.”

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